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Your Spanish Classes

Spanish classes for adults and children of all levels in Newcastle, NSW

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The Solera.

I am currently in the process of building a basic Solera, any tips or advice welcome.


Workshop 2.0

Workshop 2.0

Finally I have my workshop set up in the new flat and so begins the mission of fine tuning the planes and chisels.

It has been a good year and a half in the making as funds have been tight and work has been scarce but I am now well on the way to making shavings and hopefully creating some playable instruments.

Dagmar Custom Guitars.

DagmarPete Swanson was a woodworker in the custom yacht industry when he was struck by a clear vision of how he could bend wood in opposing directions at the same time. He was immediately inspired to apply this idea to the body of a guitar. And so the boat building industry lost a talented craftsman, and the guitar world gained an exceptional and passionate luthier. Dagmar Custom Guitars was born.

Within his first year of business Pete created three world-class archtops and secured an invitation to the prestigious Montreal Guitar Show. He received a lot of media buzz and was interviewed by Premier Guitar Magazine for a video segment. He was offered an incredible opportunity by Queen’s University to build a guitar (named “Vicky” after Queen Victoria who chartered the school) that would help develop and debut their state-of-the art photonic pick-up. The Discovery Channel documented this process. In 2010 he was awarded an Ontario Arts Council Crafts Projects Grant, as an emerging artist, to help further develop his art. Recently, a short documentary film about Pete’s guitars, String of Genius, made its debut at the 2010 Montreal Worldwide Short Film Festival. His guitars get people very excited.

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Dreamer Guitarworks.

Dreamer DT Green Burst

Brazilian master luthier Celso Freire conceived Dreamer Guitarworks some twenty years ago. As a perfectionist, he was looking for the ultimate “perfect-10″ guitar of his dreams.

High-quality musical instruments were very hard to find in South America in those days. Prices were obscene, with the

product just not worth it. That’s when Celso decided to start making his own top-notch “Dreamer” guitars and basses.
Dreamer guitars are simply designed to look and play better than the rest. They are crafted with the best woods in the world, to provide awesome sustain and rich tones. Full attention is always given to every last detail in the creation of every instrument, which is something big-name guitars can only dream about.
No two Dreamer guitars are alike. Each one of them is tailor-made to fit the needs of even the most demanding musician.

D.A.B. Custom Guitars.

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DAB Custom Guitars is the work of one man, David Bernroth. Based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, this is not just another shop over a garage.  There is a lot of thinking and pondering going on here.  Between using out of the ordinary materials like Formica laminate, and different pickup combinations, there is always something different to be appreciated.  You won’t find a crew of people cranking out yet more copies of known instruments.  What you will find is a guy that is driven to create the slightly off kilter design, a man who is trying to perfect the imperfect.  Nothing dazzling here, just instruments you hold and play and think, “Why isn’t there anything exactly like this out there already?”.  Or, “Does this guy know that he’s nuts?”  You can’t help yourself, you may even want one.  And who can blame you for appreciating the work of one man who makes it a point to be as original as he can be, maybe its even art…

International Guitar Festival Of Great Britain.

1 November 2011

The 24th International Guitar Festival of Great Britain will host a month of guitar concerts, workshops and family events. The festival will also include folk band Bellowhead, Ex Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman and his Rhythm Kings and The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britan. For more info please visit